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Temporary Hair Color

Temporary hair color is the simplest way to try out that new look you've been thinking about! It's also great for quick touch ups or to eliminate yellow tones from gray hair.

The main drawback to using temporary color is that consistency is hard to achieve. In addition, because of its temperamental nature, this type of color may rub off on clothes or pillow cases and may run in the presence of moisture.

Main Facts of Temporary Hair Coloring

  • Color Duration: 1 - 2 shampoos
  • Ingredients: Contains no peroxide or ammonia
  • Time in Salon: 15 minutes
  • Hair Penetration: Coats the cuticle
  • Frequency of Application: With every shampoo

Temporary Hair Color
Temporary hair color last for a limited amount of time and fade away once the color is gone. Temporary hair color does not open up the hair shaft during the coloring process which means that once the color is washed out of the hair it will return to its natural color



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