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Permanent Hair Color

Don't be surprised if permanent hair color is the method of choice for your stylist/colorist! You can achieve 100% complete coverage plus 100% consistent results with proper selection and application of permanent hair color. Even the most dramatic change can become a reality.

  • Color Duration: permanent
  • Ingredients: peroxide, ammonia
  • Time in Salon: 1.5 hours
  • Hair Penetration: cuticle is opened and color is deposited in the cortex.
  • Frequency of Application: touch up re-growth every 4 - 6 weeks


Permanent Hair Color
A process that permanently changes hair color (until new growth appears). Two chemicals -- hydrogen peroxide (sometimes called a developer or an activator) and ammonia (or a similar ingredient) -- swell the cuticle, remove at least a little natural pigment and deposit the dye. Also called single process.


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