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Hair Highlights

Hair Highlights is a versatile process that can create looks from sun-kissed to dramatic. Highlights lift the color in individual strands of hair to heighten the level of lightness in your hair.

Hair Highlights can provide you with brilliant, lustrous hair. This is achieved by weaving selected hair strands and applying formula using foils, to allow more precise and direct access to the hair.

  • Color Duration: permanent; bonus - re-growth of roots is not as apparent
  • Ingredients: peroxide, bleach, ammonia (depending on formula)
  • Time in Salon: 1.5 - 2.5 hours
  • Hair Penetration: highlights lift the pigment from the cortex.
  • Frequency of Application: touch up re-growth every 4 - 12 weeks


Highlighting or Lowlighting Your Hair
Hair Highlighting: Lightening selected strands of hair using bleach. Hair Lowlighting: Darkening selected strands of hair.


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