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12 Ideas of Hairstyles for the Elegant Bride
The bride is always the most beautiful woman in any wedding event. She is the focal point of the ceremony, which is why she needs to be able to choose a hairstyle that is both beautiful and elegant at the same time.
If you are a bride, you probably know that finding a wedding hairstyle is not that easy as there are so many factors to consider. Some of these factors include shape of the face, wedding gown, theme of wedding, wedding jewelry, and the bride’s personal style. All these things affect the bride’s decision on what kind of hairstyle to don on her wedding day.

bridal hair style
There are many variations and possibilities on wedding hairstyles that even those with short hair have many styles they can choose from. Here are 12 elegant ideas for wedding hairstyles that you can consider.
1. Classic Bun Updo
In this classic hairstyle, the hair is pulled into a neat and compact bun at the back part of the head without any hair sticking out. It can be low on the neck, on the middle part, or high on the crown of the head. This gives the traditional look that can make any bride look stunning.
2. Sophisticated French Twist
The hair is swept to the back part of the head and twisted and secured with hairpins. This type of hairstyle speaks of beauty, elegance and timelessness, making this one of the most popular choices on wedding hairstyles.
3. Playful Braids
French braids, twisted braids, or large braids—whatever type of braids you choose and whether you form it into a bun or hang it loosely from your head, the end result is the same. You will get an elegant and yet playful look that many brides want to go for.
4. Side Swept Hair
In this type of wedding hairstyle, the hair is neatly swept to one side to form a roll or bun.
5. Curly Long Locks
Long hair curled and hung loosely on the shoulders of the bride look elegant and sexy.
6. Bun with Accessories
Pulling the hair into a perfect bun and topping the crown with a tiara or securing the bun with a flower is another great hairstyle idea to consider.
7. Combed Short Hair
Who said, brides could only sport long hair? Short hair neatly combed can look just as elegant and beautiful. It is also practical and easy to fix.
8. Sexy Loose Large Waves
Loose large waves look stunning and sexy. Brides with this type of hairstyle appear confident and eye-catching.
9. Half Updo
Classy and elegant, the half updo has half of the hair pulled up into a bun at the back of the head while the lower half is curled or hung loosely on the shoulders.
10. Ballet Bun with Curly Side Strands
A compact bun with curly strands on the side of the face is both elegant and exciting.
11. Simple Ponytail
For simple brides who do not like the fussiness of elaborate hairstyles can go for simple but sophisticated ponytails.
12. Bun or Ponytail with Wispy Bangs
Modern but at the same time elegant, a bun or ponytail with wispy bangs in the perfect choice for trendy and chic brides.
With the right choice on wedding hairstyle, the bride can truly exude sophistication and exquisiteness that will amaze the guests and wow the groom.

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