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MODERN EXPRESSIONS is a friendly, relaxing full-service salon, with special expertise in hair color and hair extensions. Every member of our staff is fully trained and experienced in color techniques. In fact, we perform more color services in a day than most salons do in a week. We love helping clients' hair color dreams come true. Maybe that's why many of our clients travel to us from all over the state. 

Our Facility designed to create non hostile atmosphere.

full service salon 

We believe that true Classic Style is Simple, Elegant and Efficient, transcending time. All great hairstyles start with a classic precision cut which can be modified to suit a particular clients needs. The best haircuts are easy to style at home and grow out beautifully.

Hair suffers from the harsh environment of our modern day life; pollution, stress, medications, hormonal changes result in a lack of essential nutritional elements. Our Salon offers specific treatments to fortify and revitalize the scalp and the hair.

Beauty, health and vitality come from an inner glow that stems from excellent nutrition and proper hygiene; this is all evident in our skin and hair. Our salon is the solution.

We can create any look you desire...

with a Stylish Precision Cut

We promote the best products wich allows the best hairstylist to fully accomplish his or her calling to make hair beautiful.  Thanks to the plant's invaluable resources and to the laboratories expertise, you will find with our best hairstylist that using new products will give you the most reliable, non-aggressive and best solutions to all the problems of hair. 


Over exposure to sun, salt, chlorine and wind can lead to breakage, dryness, fragile and brittle hair. The best solution is to provide you with a full line of plant-based products that offer extraordinary protection from the sun, sea and wind. 

Questions? Gosia@ModernExpressions.net Phone: 201. 797. 3400 Fax: 201. 483. 7399
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